A viewport render of Dan sitting beside his Dribbble post
This is Dan, from my early Dribbble shots, as seen in Blender's viewport

At the end of 2017, I was invited to Dribbble. I was excited to be invited because this gave me a place to publicly experiment with new ideas for 2D and 3D digital art, characters, websites, animation, and working with new styles. It also gave me a new motivation to put more stuff out there and gain more practice. You can browse through them below and tap on them for a more detailed version of the shots on Dribbble. I've linked to related projects in the captions.

If you like what you see then visit my Dribbble and maybe follow me. The year's not over yet and the Fall semester, at time of writing, is about to begin so I'll be updating this page as I make new things.

Update: I've shared some more on Dribbble since this post and you can see more in part two!