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I'm Ted: your contact for creating custom and fully customizable websites that are visually striking, accessible, and easy to maintain.

You're viewing my 2017-2019 portfolio but I have a lot more to show. Reach out and I'll help you get started planning your new website, free.

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Download “Hazmat and Vats” Wallpaper A cartoon man in hazmat suit and a goo creature with bowler hat, mustache, and tie

I have a certain cartoon style I've been using since high school that I've been modifying over time. This time, I've made more chacters, rounded them out, and made them cute and flat. Many of these were originally plans for a game I wanted to develop but ended up being fun pieces of digital art that I'd share ocasionally on social media. I would still love to create a game with these characters in the future but until then, I will continue to create more characters and share them. Maybe I'll start making comics soon.

If you'd like to see how my little cartoon style has evolved over time, check out my Cartoon Ted project.