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Why I Made It

The original schedule I received from my school
The old schedule I received from my school (personal details retracted)

Schedule Reorganizer was an application I made when I first received my schedule for freshman year of college. The schedule I received from my school was text-based, designed purely with text characters. My guess is that the software the school uses to generate these schedules is ancient. Tables were created using dashes and information that overflowed from each table cell would push all information in other table cells to the side, meaning you could not match table information to each header except based on context. That program was either very poorly programmed or very poorly designed. I wanted to create a printed schedule that was nicer to look at and I figured other students may want the same thing. Even though you can also check your schedule online, sometimes a paper copy of your schedule is nice to have and it blew my mind that a feature like this could be overlooked by my school.

Project in Progress

One draft of new reorganized schedule
One of the drafts of my reorganized schedule along with idea for application interface

I started out sketching out how I wanted my schedule to be laid out. I wanted to be able to take a glance at my schedule and be able to locate whatever information I needed. I then took this sketch and used it as a reference when I created my new schedule in Inkscape.

I figured that other students could use this program to have a nice copy of their own schedule, which is when I started making the web application. I took my schedule in Inkscape and used it as a reference for the schedule I recreated in HTML. They look exactly the same, the difference being that potential users can modify the schedule template easily.

Ahh, Much Better

An example of the schedule produced by Schedule Reorganizer
An example of the schedule produced by Schedule Reorganizer

The finished web application allows you to create a new schedule, to print it, export your schedule information (so you don't have to fill out the entire form for next semester), and preview it in the browser. It also can be customized to use school colors and logos to make the schedule feel more personal.

The finished, reorganized schedule is much cleaner, utilizing white space in a way that makes the schedule easy to look at and promotes readability, while also showing all important details that students will need.