Open Project Mora website Screenshot of Project Mora contribution page

Send it to the Moon

A fun Twitter advertisement I made using Moho Pro

“We're going to the Moon,” Stefan told me one day after finishing a session of a web design workshop (taught in Morehead by Stefan and myself). I was a little skeptical, to say the least. He then explained Project Mora to me. Shortly after, preliminary plans were in place to make Project Mora real.

So, what is Project Mora? Project Mora is a 21st century version of the Moon Museum. The original moon museum was a ceramic wafer with artwork by popular artists that was attached to the lander in the Apollo 12 mission. Project Mora is a digital moon museum made up of not just artwork but all kinds of user submissions that are placed onto storage that will travel on the Peregrine lander in early 2020.

My part of this project was to create the user submission form where anyone who visits has the chance to upload their photos, documents, code, memes, whatever they want, to the website. These submissions are then placed on the capsule. I also created the advertisement you see above and the sister site “Make it to the Moon” which was a promotion that allowed residents of the Township of Moon, Pennsylvania to upload their photos to the capsule.

A Master of Forms

Screenshot of Make it to the Moon contribution page Open Make it to the Moon website
Mock-up that looks near identical to finished website
Early brainstorming the contribution form

I've made quite a few forms for projects in the past, as you can see here, here, here, here, and here. This form for Project Mora is probably one of my favorites. The form was created to make uploading submissions as easy as possible. It was a fun project where I was able to work with both front-end and back-end code to create a snappy and easy-to-use interface for contributing to Project Mora.

Over the course of the project, I've made small revisions to the form as new promotions ran and also created a new site based on Project Mora's form for the “Make it to the Moon” promotion which was a one-page website that adapted Project Mora to match the Township of Moon's identity.